Which Cage is Right for Your Bird

A bird’s cage is its home, it will spend a majority of its time there. Sleeping, eating, playing, etc. There are an overwhelming assortment of  types and styles of cages to choose from. As a loving bird parent, you want to make sure that you pick the right one. It can be overwhelming or intimidating to choose the right bird cage. Your bird can’t tell you, but there are some guidelines for basic rules of choosing the best bird cage.



The bird cage you choose needs to be large enough for the bird to comfortably walk around and fully extend it’s wings! Account for all the dishes and toys that are in the cage as well.  Don’t forget to consider the spacing of the bars. Small birds, such as parakeets and lovebirds can squeeze through small spaces, so don’t get bars more than half an inch apart. Having a bird cage that is too small will result in troubling behaviors like screeching, feather plucking and emotional disorders.


First of all, make sure that your bird’s cage is not directly by a window or any drafty area. The temperature fluctuation is not healthy for a bird.  Another reason to avoid a window is that they can become spooked by storms or other things that they see outside. They like light, so a partial view is fine. Experts say to have at least one side of the cage against a wall to give them a sense of safety. Also, make sure that the cage is level and don’t let the bird be too high or too low because they need to be eye-level to you. Socialization is very important to your bird, they need to be able to see you and feel part of the home. However, don’t house your bird buddy in a high volume or heavily trafficked area because that can cause them stress. Putting your bird cage in the kitchen is not encouraged either, as the temperature variations are not good and the fumes can be unhealthy. Putting the cage in a bathroom is not recommended either, as too much fluctuation in humidity and temperature may contribute to unhealthy conditions. Make sure that there are no candles in their vicinity, nor should you plug in air fresheners near the bird cage, as these chemicals are toxic to birds. Keep the bird cage out of work spaces, you don’t want a talkative bird trying to get your attention while you are working or your kids being distracted from homework by a playful pet.


This seems pretty obvious. Make sure the cage is in good shape, made of non toxic materials, and is safe and sturdy for your beloved pet. You can ask your vet for any recommendations.

Types of Cages:

Which cage is right for your bird you ask? We will cover stainless steel, aluminum and powder coated cages, and showcase their benefits.

Stainless Steel:

The benefits of stainless steel bird cages are plenty, and this is the #1 recommended type of cage. It is rust and weather resistant, easiest to clean and keep sanitary, will last for the life time of your bird, is non toxic and avian safe, is safe to power wash, and overall a wise investment of your money.


Aluminum is a top quality material and offers a myriad of benefits such as durability, eco-friendly, superior strength while being lightweight, it’s non toxic and long lasting. An aluminum bird cage has a rich quality look and feel.

Powder Coated:

This is commonly used to help prevent rust in steel cages. It is attractive and is generally safe, as it is hard for the bird to chew off. However, you need to pay attention to the cage because zinc is often a component that is part of the galvanized wire under the coating. So make sure that there are no chips or peeling.  King’s Cages ensures top quality cages by only selling cages that are zinc-free. With powder coated cages, there are sometimes various options for colors and textures. These types of cages are one of  the most economical options available.

Safety and comfort is everything when it comes to your beloved pets home but consider things such as budget, what type of cage would look best in your home and how many birds do you have or will have. Additionally, take a look at the space where you will put the cage and make sure size and shape is right for the space.

King’s Cages carries a wide assortment of all these types of cages, as well as cage parts and accessories. Bird safety and comfort is our number one goal, therefore all of our cages and cage accessories are avian safe and non toxic to give you peace of mind that you are providing nothing but the best for your beloved pet.

Bird Cage Selection

We offer breeding cages, travel cages, European cages and more! Next time you’re asking yourself which cage is right for your bird, check out King’s Cages for all your bird needs today.