Birds are beautiful, amazing, intelligent and fun companions! However, like all creatures, they poop!

You can’t walk them outside or get them to use the toilet. I don’t know, maybe you can, and that would be amazing! Go on Instagram and become rich! But, normally, your feathered friend spends all or most of there time in their cage or aviary. Therefore this is where everything happens!

Cleaning up after your pet is a fact of life and not as much fun as bath time or watching them play! Those times are great bonding times. Cleaning a cage is like scrubbing down your shower. Must be done but something you want to be done with asap!

There are many “bird cage cleaners” on the market, and of course, you want one that is effective, easy to use, and doesn’t smell as bad as what you are trying to clean!

What Should You Use?

Here are the top things you want out of your bird cage cleaner:

  1. Effective and easy to use
  2. Non toxic
  3. No solvents
  4. Trusted by zoos
  5. A great odor
  6. Bird safe
  7. Cost effective

The number one selling cleaner is Poop Off. The name says it all and it is the one used in zoos. Furthermore, it’s safe enough that your pet can be in the cage at time of cleaning! We wouldn’t recommend that though. Your bird buddy might get offended or irritable, or try to help! You never know with birds!

Poop Off contains no orange oil, has a pleasant odor, is biodegradable, and like all of our products, is made in the U.S.A.

All those things are great! How well it works is just a great! It dissolves those messes quickly!

King’s Cages offers a variety of sizes and has scrubbing bottles and misting bottles.  Tested and proven safe for all breeds, Poop Off will do exactly what it says and in no time! This way you and your feathered friend can get back to more fun things! Like singing and dancing together (you know you do that)!

Poop Off products

Useful Tips For Cleaning That Cage:

  • Change liners daily.
  • Remove all toys and accessories before cleaning.
  • Rinse your cage thoroughly, most people use the shower or hand held sprayer, and let it dry completely before putting the bird or toys and dishes back in.
  • Make sure no wooden products are left in the cage!
  • Wash their food dishes with warm soap and water or in the dishwasher. These items MUST be dry before going back in the cage.
  • Keep all your bird cleaning supplies together in one place, to make life easier for you.

What To Observe While Cleaning The Cage:

Here are some things to look for when you clean your bird’s cage.

  1. Are there feathers laying in the cage and do they look normal?
  2. Has your bird thrown up any food?
  3. Does the amount of food your bird has eaten seem normal?
  4. Are the toys and perches in good shape?

For a complete list of great cleaning tips check out this article:

Get the ick off, safely and effectively!

Did You Know?

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So, now you know!

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