My 13 year old Indian Ringneck Parrot has plucked himself for six years now. He did not handle my divorce and the subsequent move well and over the next year began to feather pick his shoulders, chest, legs and back. I have taken him to vets, behaviorists, even a pet psychic. I spent more time with him, got him a new cage, lots more toys, better food, better lighting and even tried getting him a mate, twice. He loves me but he still plucked. I did not want to go to the extreme of a collar or drugs.

I tried Pluck No More on him and I am amazed at how fuzzy my little bird has become. Even my customers have noticed and now want their own bottles of Pluck No More. One customer tried it on her African Grey parrot and within a couple of days he stopped fussing with his feathers so much.

I especially like that it does not make my bird sleepy like medications often do. He is perky and active like always, but with more feathers.

Windy City Parrot, Inc.
Chicago, IL