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Dear King’s:

I am writing to tell you how ecstatic I am with the results of your “Pluck No More” product. My Timneh Gray Rocket plucked all its chest feathers after we brought home a new greenwing macaw. We tried everything we could think of to stop the feather picking. We changed his food, added new toys, tried medical treatments, and provided more light but nothing stopped the feather picking. We were worried sick that he would hurt himself if he kept feather plucking at the rate he was. Then “Pluck No More” came onto the market and we gave it a try. Within a week he stopped feather plucking and we started to see a change for the better in his feather picking habits. I am very happy to say that he now has all his feathers back and he looks great, we owe it all to King’s “Pluck No More”.

Its important to note that I am not a novice when it comes to working with birds. I work at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic and have access to a lot of treatments and supplies. Mr. Marcus has 22 years experience in the exotic bird business and stocks a large inventory of medical treatments for birds. None that I have tried worked with the exception of King’s “Pluck No More”.

Convinced of the merits of the product I began recommending it to our customers who one by one reported the same outstanding results. Not one person that I have recommended the product to has reported an unsatisfactory result. You can not do better than one hundred percent effective can you? Finally a veterinarian heard me talking about the new King’s “Pluck No More” and said they always recommended a different brand. After reading the list of ingredients in the King “Pluck No More” Product, the veterinarian concluded that it was far superior to what she had been recommending.

In closing “Pluck No More” is a great product that has helped my bird Rocket and made me a real hero with our customers who had birds which feather pluck. Keep up the good work and thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars in vet costs.

Frederick W. Hess