Dear Richard:
I was at first skeptical about your product, especially its safety. Therefore, as I always do, I decided to try your product on my own birds, and a few special clients’ birds.
I warned these clients that this was probably another “snake oil” that would do nothing for their birds plucking but it seemed safe enough as per the label’s contents. After all we bird vets have been stumped by feather picking for 40 years, so we would never want to admit that a layperson provided a cure that we could not. I am of the reverse philosophy. Anybody give me anything that is safe to help these birds and I will rejoice in using it!
I am attaching a Complete Blood Count, Chemistry Panel, and Serum Electrophoresis of an African Grey who was nearly bald in January of 2005. The bird was wearing an E-collar and had not responded to any of our conventional treatments for chronic feather picking. He was living a miserable existence as most collared birds do in my opinion.
We started Mufasa on Pluck No More on January 25, 2005. The collar came off within two weeks.
The only abnormality is a low protein which is really normal because I had the owner hold this bird off of food before my visit. He was without food for over 8 hours, thus his blood protein should be expected to be low.
While I have no photos of Mufasa, he is nearly totally feathered after four months on your product.
I will be forwarding you photos of my own featherpicker, Stevie, an Umbrella Cockatoo, four weeks on your product and she now has tail feathers for the first time in four years!
Her bloodwork is pending also, hopefully these normal biochemistries of birds on your product will quiet the naysayers on the internet bird boards who say your product is dangerous. Pluck No More has not harmed my bird, or Mufasa the African Grey and I have proven that scientifically.
Update – 6/1/05
Complete Blood Count and Biochemistry Analysis of my own Cockatoo Stevie. She has been on Pluck No More since 4/2/05 – All labs normal and first normal tail feathers in 2-3 years.
Samuel B. Vaughn, DVM, Avian Diplomate, ABVP
Veterinary Associates-Stonefield, Louisville, KY.