Hello Mr. King,

My Momma Roseanna says I need to thank you for the wonderful PLUCK NO MORE! Every time my momma sees me, she tells me how amazing it is that my feathers have come in. You see, even before I came to live with Momma Roseanna, with the help of my wife Mrs. Hansey, I was plucked plumb naked from the bottom of my legs to the top of my neck. Mrs. Hansey was cranky all the time and for the past several months we have not been “co-habitating”. My Momma Roseanna told my Auntie Christine about my nakedness, that 2 different vets could find nothing physically wrong with me nor with my diet and they both diagnosed me as a neurotic plucker. Momma also told her how Mrs. Hansey would attack me every time I would try to move back into my home. One day right before Memorial Day, a small package came to the house addressed to me, Mr. Hansey! It was a bottle of Pluck No More; a present from my Auntie Christine, Pele the Caique and Kiri the CAG! Auntie Christine told my momma to give it to Mrs. Hansey too so that she would calm down and quite trying to “git” me.

Within two weeks of using Pluck No More I had feathers again! If you don’t believe me, just look at the pictures I have sent. As of July 12, I am almost fully feathered, AND, the best part for me is that Mrs. Hansey has had a complete change of attitude towards me since she has been on the Pluck No More. Looks like we’ll be having a second honeymoon any day now.

I really, really, really want to thank you for helping me grow my beautiful feathers back and for helping Mrs. Hansey fall in love with me again! We are going to name our first two boys Richard and Andrew (after you and your son.) THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Roseanna and Hansey Lauenstein, Pinckney, MI (734)-878-1346 7/12/05