I am writing to let you know what a difference your product “Pluck No More” made in my Goffin’s Cockatoo, Peaches. Back in 2006, Peaches started pulling his feathers out along both sides of his face with his feet. I had just had him boarded at a bird store for a week prior to him doing this. I took him to my local veterinarian and then an avian veterinarian which both examined him and tested his blood for any abnormalities. After everything came back negative for any health issues, I was just told to continue feeding him a good balanced diet of pellets and fresh fruits and veggies just as I had been doing and to try to make sure there was nothing in his surroundings that could cause him stress. I followed the instructions with no avail.
His plucking continued to progress and before I knew it, the feathers on both sides of his face were gone clear back behind his ear holes, and down the left front side of his body. I started researching on the internet after given some tips from my bird groomer about homeopathic remedies, when I came across your product. I read some of the feedback your company posted on your website from other owners of birds with success stories of how your product worked for them. After about 8 months of being on your product, Peaches has been fully feathered and doing quite well. He doesn’t seem as nervous as before and is like his normal self. Thank you for inventing such a lifesaving product for birds.  Thank you again.
Ronnette Sparks
(Very happy owner of Peaches)