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Dear Richard and Andrew King:

For the last ten years we have worked with numerous plucked and feather picking birds. We have tried every remedy on the market, have attended seminars and worked with behaviorists, nutritionists and avian vets. We have explored the effects of improved diet, additional lighting, increased humidity and every environmental factor and variable that we could think of, with limited success. Many of these birds responded temporarily and then resumed the feather plucking habit after a while.

When you first mentioned that you had the solution for this problem, we were skeptical because we thought that we had looked at everything. When you started sending me testimonials, the scientist side of the brain said no way can feathers grow that fast or long-term feather picking behaviors be altered like this.

Well, we are trying your product on a group of 5 badly plucked birds and one baby African grey that started feather plucking at the age of 6 months for no apparent reason. We started them on the Pluck No More Friday, March 4 after taking close-up pictures of their feathers and lack of feathers.

The owner of the young grey is desperate and had asked us to put the bird in a VSP collar. The collar arrived yesterday and when I went to put it on the bird, I noticed that new feathers were growing on her chest. Her demeanor was totally changed. When she came to us she seemed depressed and somewhat lethargic. Yesterday, I really thought that I was looking at a different bird. She was wildly swinging from a rope swing, chattering at her toys and acting more like a Caique than a Grey.

I know that these observations are subjective, but based on this remarkable turnaround in four days: we are encouraged and will carefully document the improvement that we are seeing.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful product with us.

Bill and Judy Lantz