5207 Pt. Pleasant Pike
Doylstown, PA. 18901

Dear King’s Cages,

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have been using your product “Pluck No More” this past month on both my Severe Macaw and my Goffins Cockatoo who feather pluck. They both have a feather plucking problem that began as overgrooming. My Cockatoo “Winston” is not as quiet as he had been. He now talks a lot more than he had and he is playing with his toys again. I have an e-collar on him, I’m not ready to take it off yet but there is a big change in his behavior since adding “Pluck No more” to his water.

Byron, my Severe Macaw does not scream as much as he had and he has down feathers where before there was skin. Neither one of them has molted yet, so I won’t know fully to what extent the product has helped, but I am happy with the changes I have already noticed.

UPDATE 03/08/05 – mutilation & feather plucking
I wanted to write and update you on the progress “Winston” my Goffins Cockatoo has made since starting him on “Pluck No More”. In my last letter I told you how he had begun playing with his toys again and talking a lot more. I also told you I have had an E-Collar on him for almost 2 1/2 years. He had feather plucked so severely that he had a hole chewed in his chest. I was not ready to take off his collar when I last wrote. I wanted to let you know that he has been collar free for two weeks and his chest has healed and continues to look good. Before I was introduced to “Pluck No More”, I was sure he would spend the rest of his life in an E-Collar.

Julie Osbaldeston