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Mellisa Pointer Whitton
Vivian L. Whitton

To Who It May Concern,

We at Most Valuable Pets, Inc. recommended “Pluck No More”, distributed by Kings Cages, to 6 customers. There was a total of 4 African Greys and 2 Umbrella Cockatoos who were feather pickers. I had feedback from 3 customers within the first week. They said they noticed a change in their bird almost immediately. One customer who lives in Virginia Beach could not believe how fast it started working and called me to say it was a miracle.

One of the African Greys was a baby from our store who had started feather plucking at 4 months of age. We tried collaring him, but he tore off all the collars and thrashed around. He was visibly distraught. Within the first few days of using “Pluck No More” the picking and chewing of feathers decreased. The product has been given orally to him in his drinking water since the first week in May. He has regained 70% of his feathers.

Mellisa Pointer Whitton