As you know, I got a bottle of the Pluck No More to try on Merlin, my mitered conure who lives across the street with my son. He is 13 and is a hardcore butt feather plucker and is naked between his wings all the way to his tail, also he feather picks his little legs. He has had a sad life, and is so very happy to have a ‘boy of his own’.

I received the Pluck No More on Monday, and started doctoring his water immediately. I also decided to have a ‘control group’ so I have also been giving it to Solly. He doesn’t pluck his feathers and has always been a happy camper, but this year is enjoying a particularly ratty molt.

After a full week, Merlin has fuzzy pants and is letting some down grow on his back, which he has always religiously shaved bare. There are a few baby feathers up between his wings, and he is talking much, much more and seems to be leaving the new feather growth alone. Solly is still molting, but his appetite, which has always been extremely finicky, has improved 100%. He is much, much more active and has joined Sheba for the daily flight around the room, which he never was much into before. He also is much more talkative, and he has always been a chatterbox, so that’s saying something. I am going to add the Pluck No More to Merlin’s misting bottle so he can get a heavier application.

Conclusions: I see some difference in both birds.

Lisa W