When I bought CJ he was on Manager’s Special 50% Discount at a popular Pet Store, I won’t name. He was 10 months old, had no tail feathers, no wing feathers, he was starting on his chest feathers and for a White Capped Pionus he was given ONLY parakeet perches to stand on!! To say the least, he was a mess and had become quite mean so only one of the employees would dare touch him.
My heart broke to see such a potentially beautiful bird tortured and ignored. He could talk and said, “whatcha doing” the minute you paid attention to the other birds, so I knew in my heart that all he needed was a better home, medication and love.
I already had two parrots so the thought of a third was daunting, but I couldn’t walk away. I’d go in everyday around the same time and sit by his cage with the door open and talk to him, it took about four days but he finally worked up the courage to come and see me. His poor feet were so mangled he couldn’t perch well and without his tail and wing feathers to help with balancing he fell to the floor a lot!! This terrified me, as someone not use to handling baby birds could potential do serious head damage to him! That was that, I decided to bite the bullet and bring him home.
I looked up feather plucking on line and found “King’s Cage” and “Pluck no More”. I was skeptical and the price concerned me, but after reading users reviews I took the chance to give CJ a chance at life. It was an amazing transformation. He is absolutely beautiful now and it was all due to the Pluck No More products. I followed the direction to the letter and used the bathing shampoo twice before winter set in. I use to call CJ “Pig Pen” because every time he shook there was a cloud of dust that littered the air around him. Besides putting olive oil on his feet now he’s on a regular vitamin supplement and has his sun lamp 6 hours a day. As you can see from the attached pictures, night and day!! THANK YOU PLUCK NO MORE!! YOU SAVED CJ’S LIFE!!