Dear Mr. King,

I placed an order that was out of stock and have been in contact with Jennifer Elliott on a regular basis concerning my order.  I must tell you that I have never had such great customer service then that of Jennifer…She went out of her way to make sure I was up to date on the order and did everything she could to help.  I just would like you to know what a great person she is and her person skills are FANTASTIC!!!!! She really was a great help and did her job to a T .. I have never had such a great experience with a company and she really is an asset to yours.  I know people usually email you with complaints, but I think it is extra important to let you know when there is a good word to put in about someone. Keep up the great work, Jennifer is a great example of a true Customer Service rep.  She is GREAT and wanted you to know that.  Thank you for her..

Laurie Domicoli