Richard and Andrew:
I just wanted to let you know what great results we’ve seen with Pluck No More on our Black Headed Caique, Callie. Callie is just a baby, in fact her 1 year birthday is 6/14/05 so needless to say we were very worried when she began featherplucking to the down. We went to the vet. We tried countless other remedies and we were fresh out of ideas. Then at the HH Backer show when I told Richard of my plucking problem he told me about Pluck No More. Thinking we’ve tried everything what could this hurt. I took the bottle home and as Andrew explicitly told me, I followed the directions exactly as described. We started to notice new feathering within 9 days of use and now Callie is 100% back to her normal self.
I have a unique position in the avian industry as anything in the world made for birds is typically a phone call away. After calling in countless favors it was Pluck No More that did the trick.
I am definitely pleased with the results. Pluck no more is a true testament to Richard and Andrew Kings commitment to the wellness of birds throughout the US.
Kyle Sandler
Bird Times Magazine, CA.