We had Meko since he was a baby. He was supposed to be my bird, but took a great liking to my husband. My husband got very sick and would spend alot of time in his chair in the living room sleeping. Mekos cage was always open so he could go in and out. After a week or so I would come home from work to find him nuzzling up to my husband on his chest tucked under his beard. He would refuse to go into his cage if my husband was in his chair. I noticed that Meko would sit on the top of my husband’s chair when he was awake ,but curl up on his chest when he slept.  I have to say my husband wasn’t  thrilled with Meko when we first got him because hit bit him often. In the later weeks  my husband would wind up in the hospital more often than he was home. When I would come home Meko would be sitting on my husbands chair crooning a tune and grooming till it was bedtime.  Eventually my husband passed away and little by little I noticed more feathers in the bottom of Meko’s cage. At first I thought it was his time to shed, but then I noticed his chest was becoming bare and his legs also. I took him to the vets and they asked if anything tramatic had happened to him  and when I told them my husband died but nothing had happened to the bird they told me that Meko was sort of in mourning. Well this went on for a few months and then his tail feathers started to disappear. I had checked with my bird store and they told me to try some different things but they didn’t work. In the meantime I had to take my dogs to their vet. I noticed a pamphlet that had birds on it and I asked wheather they were adding an avian vet. They replied no, that the pamphlets were advertising some items that they used for dogs. The receptionist asked why and I told her of my plight. She said that she had a friend that had a bird and had the same problem and she used Pluck no More. She said it was easy to remember the name cause it was true to what it did. I immediately came home and googled it and sent me to Kings cages sight.
It took several weeks but Mekos feathers started to appear on his chest and some on his legs. The tail feathers haven’t come back yet, but I’m not giving up hope. I still use it. He’s becoming the beautiful bird that I originally had and I’m thrilled. He still sits crooning a tune every once in awhile on my husbands chair, but it doesn’t sound as sad as it did before. It’s been almost 2 years since I started to use Pluck no More. I tell everyone I know about it and even got my bird store to carry it.