Dear Richard King,
I am writing you because I want to thank you for helping me with my quaker parrot. I have spoke to you many times on the phone and you have been very helpful. You spoke to me more then the vet would. It was pretty sad when you go to the vet and pay big bucks and the vet wont speak to you and has there receptionist talk to you and go nowhere. I am so glad i tried your product because the stuff the vet gave me didn’t do a thing. Pluck No More started helping really fast and the best part was when I was so upset and would call you in tears you were very helpful. You would have had different ways for me to try and you actually made me feel better and I didn’t loose my bird which I thought I would because his wound was so bad he had plucked himself so bad he was bleeding and had put a big whole in his chest. I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful product and putting your cell phone number on the instructions paper for people to call you and ask you questions. No vet in the world would take the time like you did and give their own personnel cell phone for people to call. That was wonderful. No one would ever do that. I have told a few people about your product. I am always telling everyone about your Pluck No More. In fact I have bought an extra bottle and still put it in his water and keep it around just in case, but he is not going after his feathers anymore. Thank you again and when ever anyone tells me about their bird that plucks I tell them all about your product.

Thanks again,

Joann Camilli