Rachel Bruun Vekseth, author and bird enthusiast.
Pluck No More.

“Pippis plucking story
My oldest grey, Pippi, started plucking when I returned to work after a long sick leave. She was four years old at the time, and was previously used to being left in the company of my dog. Now, however, she had grown accustomed to me being at home in the day, and probably started plucking out of frustration.
It can’t be ignored that Pippi got a terrible wing clip when she was a chick, barely three months old. Due to this, she didn’t learn how to fly until after her first big molt. I really believe this could be one of the factors that made her prone to plucking.
Being otherwise healthy, and already living in optimal conditions, Pippi now got the full treatment. This means even more attention when I was at home, an aquarium to look at, daily baths instead of every second day etc. etc. This seemed to help, and she recovered a lovely plumage. Until my first day of overtime at work that is. When I got home that day, she had once more plucked a spot on her chest.
We had three intense rounds like this before I started looking for other options.
Fortunately, I stumbled across an exciting product at the King’s Cages website. It was called Pluck No More, and had supposedly helped 90% of the birds who had tried it. This is a natural product with no unwanted side effects. After reading all the recommendations, I decided to give it a go.
A few weeks later Pippi’s plumage was back in wonderful condition, while she got PNM in her drinking water. She was also sprayed with a water-based solution in addition to her daily shower. I still didn’t give PNM full credit, as she had become better on several occasions before as well. The big test was my first day of overtime since we started using the product. And wouldn’t’t you know, she still had all her feathers intact when I got home that night! I continued to give her PNM for a couple of months before I slowly begun to cut her dosage. I discontinued the use over a few weeks, as I was worried she might relapse if I cut her off to suddenly.
The product also has a calming effect, so some people use it consequently in stressful periods, such as moving and other situations where the birds are prone to stress. I could clearly see this effect on Pippi too. She seemed happier and more harmonic than in her plucking periods, and luckily, this has lasted since.”
Thanks again,
Rachel 🙂