I rescued a sun conure from someone that had this beautiful bird in a tiny cage, in disgusting dirty conditions, dirty water, etc. I have to tell you, I didn’t even like birds but I did it because I felt sorry for this poor bird. I said to the owner “How do you keep the bird in these conditions,” he said “If you are so worried about the bird, why don’t you take him home.” So I did. The bird is beautiful but acted like a total nut, bouncing off the inside of the cage and trying to eat my finger whenever I went near him. I went to my local shop and told him what was happening. He recommended this new product, just on the market called “Pluck No More”. I put half a capful in 4 oz. of bottled water and I can’t tell you the amazing results. In only ten days the bird has become a sweet, lovable companion. He flies to me and wants to be kissed all the time. I have decided I will never give this bird up. I can not believe what “Pluck No More” has done for this bird and for my life. He is so enjoyable and loving now. Thank you King’s Cages.

Gary Vassallo
Freehold, NJ