Dear Richard,

This is my first order since 1986 and I can not tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with the entire transaction.

The order of your largest cage models and the “Pluck no more” and bird shampoo arrived a week before I expected it.(pleasant surprise) It was very professionally packaged and the shrink wrapping was perfect.

The cages went together easily as EVERY bolt hole lined up perfectly(not often seen). the finish is the best I have seen anywhere and better than even you had in the 80’s. Each cage was a showpiece and we sold 2 the first 48 hours they were on display and at a fair profit. The customers have all been very satisfied and were amazed when we pointed out some of the cage features such as the food and water bowls locking into the holders with just a twist and the doors to the bowls are easy for them to open but virtually immpossible for the birds to do the same.

I put the “Pluck no more” on the shelf and since I bred the large birds for 36 years was sceptical as to would it sell with the price being what it is. I sold 2 bottles the first day.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the entire transaction and to let you know my next order(with much confidence) will be arriving to you shortly.

Frank’s Pet World L.L.C.