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Richard King:
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your new product, “PLUCK NO MORE”. I have found many uses for this product and am excited about the results I have gotten in just four weeks of use.
I own over 45 pairs of breeding parrots, of which I chose Chester my very, very plucked African Grey as my first subject. Jordy, Chester’s mate, has been treated for chronic diarrhea since coming to live at Feathered Playpen and nothing seemed to relieve her problem. I was surprised to find that Jordy’s diarrhea vanished while her mate was being treated for feather plucking with Pluck No More. Chester started to get pin feathers on the back of his neck that I have never seen in the five years that he has lived here, and Jordy’s droppings were normal.
Since Pluck No More worked so well on Jordy & Chester’s problems, I decided to try some on a pair of Black-Headed Caiques that I have been trying to get to nest and who also had a case of bad diarrhea. Within a week of adding the product to their drinking water, not only did the diarrhea go away, but she was finally sitting on her first egg.
I figured the product worked so well in the aviary calming birds why not try calming down a sick cockatiel that I was caring for. The bird had started into respiratory distress which was evident by the tail bobbing it displayed. I figured what could it hurt to try to make his last days a little calmer, his death a little more dignified. To my delight, within three hours of dosing him with Pluck No More he was sitting back on his favorite perch peering out the window, whistling his favorite tune and even more surprising was the fact that the tail bobbing was gone. It has been three days since and he continues to improve.
We also board birds and just yesterday I had an African Grey come to stay with us. I could tell that she was a plucker, but I was not prepared for what she had in store for me while her owners were on a three week vacation. She had plucked her shoulder feathers so badly that she was actually mutilating raw skin. I had the choice of taking her to an avian vet for a shot to calm her down, which would really upset her, or try some Pluck No More in her water. I decided on the latter and sure enough, Gracie the Congo is sitting calmly in her cage and has not plucked at her shoulders since.
I am seeing a real need for a product like this and I believe we have just touched the surface of its many uses.
Debbie Perrin