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“I warned my clients that your Pluck No More is another “snake oil” that would do nothing for their birds plucking, but it seemed safe enough per the labels contents. After all, we bird vets have been stumped by feather picking for 40 years therefore we would never want to admit that a layperson provided a cure that we could not. I am of the reverse philosophy. Give me anything that is safe to help these birds and I will rejoice in using it! Pluck No More has put feathers on my Umbrella Cockatoo Stevie M and my client’s African Grey who was in a collar for almost a year. After using Pluck No More for 3 weeks he was collar free. I have used this on many of my patients and I have proven scientifically through numerous biochemistries including Blood Counts and Chemistry Panels that this is a safe product. Pluck No More is a wonderful product that compliments your great cage line of which I recommend as well.”