Dear Kings Cages,

I am writing to tell you I love your product Pluck No More for my African Grey Scarlet. She does so well on it because she has so many phobias. We have had her to the vet and they can find no cause for her plucking. Blood work has been done for every bird disease know to man. The vet’s conclusion is that she is just crazy. I love her dearly as she is a rescue. Can she be on this product indefinitely? She only plucks to the down on her chest no further and no other parts of her body. I have recently got an air purifier for her room as she is in the same room with my sulfur-crested cockatoo. They assured me that this might help. Is there some other product you carry for long term use? I don’t care what she looks like but I want all her years with me to be the best. A loyal fan.