I have had parrots for over 24 years. The cockatoo to the left (Freida) I hand raised and was my first experience with how smart a bird can be!! The cockatoo to the right (Peach) I rescued and she is just a love. I try and give them the best I can as they do need room to climb up and down and stretch their wings. I also have a citron crested cockatoo and a medium sulfur crested cockatoo. My first experience with Kings cages was in the year 2000 when I became so disappointed in the California cages that I had that would rust in a short period of time and the locks were not reliable at all with my moluccans who learned quickly how to open the doors. That is when I purchased my first 2 King cages from you (model 406) and then 2 years later I purchased the huge cage that had a removable divider.I love my new Aluminum Cages. They are very easy to clean and I notice that they never scratch or rust!