This is my second time around using your product. My bird is a 6 year old green wing macaw and I have had him since he was 3 weeks old. Unfortunately there is no previous owner to blame for his behavior. He started plucking a couple of years ago when I had surgery. He is very attached to his mommy. That seems to be the only reason my avian vet could come up with. Since we did all the necessary tests and found nothing wrong with him. It was just the few days of not seeing me that started this behavior. After trying just about everything I finally came upon Pluck No More and oh my goodness what an absolute fantastic product this is. I just cannot say enough of it. The birds behavior seems to change within a couple of days of using it. They are just calmer and sweeter to be with. I certainly highly recommend your product to any and everyone that has this problem with there pet bird. There is just nothing like it and the results are amazing. Red and his Mommy are very happy to say that this will definitely be the last product you buy if you are experiencing this form of behavior problems.
Katy, Texas