I am so relieved that it finally paid off. I’m writing you a thank you. When I first got my African grey, here by referred to as Mayday, he was in rough shape. His previous owner had neglected him to the point that almost all of his feathers were done. He moved in with me and didn’t pluck for about a month. Then it returned. I had already started him on pluck no more in order to help him along in the process. I finished my first bottle and he was still picking although much much less. After the second bottle he was still picking but some feathers had returned and I was hopeful. Enter bottle number 3. I mixed up a dose and put it in a small amount of water and surprise surprise he wanted it. So I let him drink it and he drank it all. After a few weeks of this the plucking stopped. I had stopped for a few weeks because every store was out of it and randomly he picked one feather. I heard it like the shot heard round the world. I immediately called every store in town and thankfully a shop had some. 2 weeks later. Now bottle 4 and 4 months into treatment I would say 90% of his feathers have come back. It took a while but this is fantastic stuff. The negative reviews come from people who gave up after one bottle. I was determined to get this solved and everyone said stick with it and it will work. He’s a happy bird now. He’s singing and talking and just like a typical grey. This stuff does work. Just be patient.