5850 State Park Road
Pipersville, PA. 18947
Dear King’s Cages,
I’ve wanted to write to you and let you know how very pleased I am with your new “Pluck No More” product. I purchased 12 bottles about 2-3 months ago and immediately sent 6 of them to a local rescue, that we work with, for them to try on some of their rescue birds who feather pluck. At the same time, I gave 4 of the bottles to friends/customers that had feather plucking birds, for them to try. About a week or two later I received a call from the rescue telling me that a feather plucking moluccan cockatoo, who they had been using the product with had made an unbelievable recovery. Not only was the bird allowing his feathers to come back in, but his fearful personality had changed as well. He is now lovable and handleable, just as you would expect a cockatoo to be. The latest news about this bird is that he has now been adopted out to a loving home and is going through his first molt without problems.
After hearing about how well it had worked, I started calling around to some of the other people I had given bottles to. Everyone had the same feedback, “this product is great!” Not only does it work against feather plucking, it also has a great calming affect that works wonderfully for African greys and other normally nervous birds. Some of the people stated that their birds had the happy, playful personality they did when they first got them, which some hadn’t seen for many, many years. We have even begun using “Pluck No More” when sending certain birds home (African greys) to their new families, to make the transition as seamless and easy for the bird as possible. To date, we have seen some remarkable differences in almost a dozen different birds from Cockatoos and African greys to Amazons, and even Conures that we have used the “Pluck No More” with.
I just want to say thanks again for another wonderful product! Thanks to “Pluck No More”, there are a few more birds returning to a normal, happy way of life.
Nathan Granoff