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Dallas, TX

Dear Richard,

Just a note to tell you that I have been using “Pluck No More” with my 3 parrots for two weeks and can already tell a difference.

My female Eclectus, Tuki, has been feather plucking and breaking off her feathers for about 8 years. I tried everything…bathing, every kind of toy, chewables like wood and pine cones, special foods, vitamins, special light, changing and moving cages…even a special vet behaviorist who came to our home. She is healthy and seems to be happy, is a talker and a snuggler…she just doesn’t want any feathers!

I am putting the product in the bottled purified drinking water as advised. I also placed some in a spray bottle and sprayed her a couple of times a day, avoiding face and eyes.

In the past I have uncovered her in the morning to what looked like snowfall. All her white downy feathers, plus some of her top feathers were all over the cage bottom. In the past 10-12 days she has stopped feather plucking. I am praying that this continues and that she regains her beauty and peace of mind!

Thank you for offering this product…if you are interested I will keep you advised of her progress.
Anne Sadovsky
[email protected]