Value of Fresh Raw Chop

Birds are great companions, but they’re not the easiest of pets. They require attention, exercise, stimulation and a varied and healthy diet. Birds are made to have a wide variety of food, and that should include raw food. Foods that include protein, nuts, vegetables and rice, among other things.

So, what exactly is raw chop? It’s another term for salad or “mash”. It’s a mix-up of healthy foods that give your bird a lot of their needed nutrients.

Great Options for Raw Chop.

In the wild, birds forage for all types of food, raw chop is no different. What’s great about raw chop is that it’s an efficient way to give your beloved bird many of the nutrients they require to maintain optimum health, while saving money and chop can be prepared ahead of time and then frozen. It’s advised not to freeze the food for more than 3 days. Some birds will eat chop still partially frozen, but some prefer fresh or completely thawed. Preparing fresh raw chop for your bird can be simple or complicated. It’s up to you, but there are some guidelines that avian experts alway recommend.

  • Use a lot of green leafy and orange vegetables.
  • Put the dry ingredients on the bottom.
  • Some birds prefer grains to be cooked.
  • Try to serve up the chop in different ways, shaken, shredded, diced and whole or a combination of the above.
  • Never give your bird salted nuts, peanuts, pits and seeds from fruits, except papaya and melon.
  • Birds don’t like the same chop over and over again, so mix it up.
  • Learn what foods should be fed a lot to your bird and which ones should be fed sparingly. For example, feel free to give your beloved pet lots of mango and cherries but go easy on bananas and pears.

Getting Your Bird to Eat Fresh Raw Chop.

Birds are notoriously picky eaters, so if you’re concerned about getting your bird to eat new food there are some recommended steps to consider.

  1. Share meal time with your bird. Serve raw chop beside your food. Birds are flock creatures and want to eat with you.
  2. Feed the raw food in the morning when he/she is the hungriest.
  3. Try putting their favorite foods or treats on top of the mash. Some people have success with a little bit of fruit juice.
  1. Play games. Birds love to play so make it a game. Play keep away, pretending you don’t want your bird to have the food.
  2. Serve this food warm and make sure it’s not too mushy or watery.

Remember that patience is the key when introducing any new food or toy to your pet. You know what your bird likes, so go with what you know. If your bird prefers quinoa over buckwheat then go with that. However, it’s important that the fresh raw chop is nutritionally balanced, isn’t too heavy on sweets and should never include any unsafe ingredients, such as coffee, garlic, onion or chocolate. If your beloved bird is part of the King’s Cages family they probably have some favorite treats or seed mixes of ours that they love, so introduce a portion of  the fresh raw chop with some of their best loved foods. Try mixing our avian safe Goldenfeast fruit and nut creation with some fresh vegetables, rice, flax seed, parsley and well cooked navy beans.

Fresh Raw Chop

King’s Cages has a wide variety of veterinarian recommended foods, treats and snacks that are full of nutrients and will partner winningly with any yummy fresh raw chop you whip up.

Why Fresh Raw Chop?

Meeting all the nutritional needs of a bird can be challenging and expensive, but fresh raw chop is a great way to address both of those issues. Fresh raw chop should be made up of lots of vegetables and grains due to their dietary. It’s easy on your budget too! Fresh raw chop is easy to mix up and create small or large batches. It’s easy to tailor to your birds tastes as well as easy to change up. As a bird owner, you know that a good diet is essential to your pets health, energy and well being. Taking care of a beautiful bird doesn’t have to take all of your time and can be fun to create fresh raw chop that your bird buddy will love!

Fresh raw food should be given to a bird once to twice a day for optimum nutritional value, just remember to change it up, clean out food dishes every day and throw away any fresh food that has gone bad.

Talk to your veterinarian about specific diet needs your bird may need. For instance, if they are breeding, overweight or underweight, if they’re molting or have any type of allergies or health problems.

King’s Cages is dedicated to the health of your bird and to delivering the best value to you. We only sell avian safe and non toxic products. We understand how much you love your pet and give you all the necessary tools to provide your beloved winged friend a blessed and long life.

Check out King’s Cages abundant line of healthy foods, homeopathic and natural products, great toys and our full enrichment line. We have an expert, helpful staff standing by to answer any questions and offer suggestions. Don’t hesitate to call us and check out our online store for all the best in pet care!

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