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Say GOODBYE to your messy floor with the secret of the Mess Less Cup

This perch, with an easy on and off cup is designed to reduce the mess on your floor. This is easily accomplished by centrally locating the cup in your bird’s cage. You will be happily surprised when you see the mess is contained in the cage, NOT on your floor! This perch is designed to be comfortable by providing a secure non-slip gripping surface. The non porous surface is easy to clean.

– No more messy floor

– Great for a messy eating bird

– Easy on, Easy off cup

– Comfortable non-slip gripping surface

– Easy cleaning surface


A. Wipe entire Mess Less Perch and Cup with an antibacterial soap.

B. Soak Mess Less Perch and Cup in soap and water solution. Then rinse thoroughly.

C. Place the cup on top shelf of dishwasher. Do not place perch in the dishwasher.

Large – 14″L x 1-3/8″ Dia. 20oz

Small –  11″L x .75″ Dia. 10oz


10oz, 20oz

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