All Natural Tea Tree Oil Dog Shampoo 17oz. $16.95
Rainforest Mist Bath Spray for Cockatoos & Macaws 17oz. $14.95


In stock



In stock

No Chew

Made In The USA

Deters Destructive Behavior!

Great for:
Cage Chewers
Furniture Destroyers
Bandage Chewers
For dogs, cats, small pets, too!

Simply spray the area lightly and watch your pet stay away! Great training tool for deterring destructive behavior.

Wonderful for prolonging the life of your cage’s paint finish. Protects valuable woodwork and possessions your pets find ‘tasty’. Deters your bird from chewing bandages. Non-toxic and zinc free. Works on most birds. 17oz. Do not spray on open wounds.

*Liquid products of any kind are nonrefundable*

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