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Nekton R 150 gm. Contains the carotenoid Canthaxanthin to preserve and enhance red parts of plumage and deepen other colors. This is an effective additive to bird feed that helps bring out colors in the same brilliance they would have appeared in their natural surroundings. In addition, NEKTON-R is a well-balanced formula of amino acids, essential vitamins, and minerals that work as an excellent aid to good health and condition during the moult.

NEKTON-R boosts the red coloring in the plumage of such birds as goldfinches, crossbills, red canaries, red siskins, painted buntings, cardinals, sun birds, ibises, and flamingos as well as all other species producing carotenoid in their plumage.


This depends on the desired intensity of the colouring. Speaking from experience, we suggest 1 g NEKTON-R to 1/4 litre lukewarm water as a guide.

The enclosed measuring spoon holds 1g. Using this spoon, this means 1 spoonful to approx. 1/2 pint water, which will cover the daily needs of 10 small birds. Stir again after adding powder. If you have only one or two birds, pierce small hole in the seal and shake a little into drinking water or over the soft feed.

General guide:
1/2 teaspoon (flat) to 1 pint water
1 tablespoon to 1 gallon water

Please note:
1 cup = 8 fl. oz., 2 cups = 1 pint. A little really does go a long way. To be used when new feathers are growing in.

INGREDIENTS:VitaminsVitamin A 5,000,000 I.U., vitamin D3 7,500 I.U., vitamin E 5,000mg, vitamin B1 500 mg, vitamin B2 1.250 mg, D-pantothenicacid 2,500 mg, niacinamide 7,500 mg, vitamin B6 500 mg, folicacid 125 mg, vitamin B12 2,500 μg, vitamin C 12,500 mg, vitaminK3 1,020 mg, biotin 30,000 μg.Amino AcidsL-alanine / L-arginine / L-aspartic acid / L-cystine / L-glutamine/ L-glycine / L-histidine / L-isoleucine / L-leucine / L-lysine / DL-methionine / L-phenylalanine / L-proline / L-serine / L-threonine/ L-tryptophan / L-tyrosine / L-valine.Minerals – Trace ElementsManganese / zinc / copper / iron / cobalt / iodine / calcium.

Imported From Germany

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