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Supplement for pets as aid to good health and increased fertility Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions and in the fertility of most animal species. It promotes a bird’s entire metabolism – protein, carbohydrate, fatty, mineral and water metabolic processes. Vitamin E occurs in
multiple forms – tocopherols. The tocopherols act as antioxidants, protect other vitaminsand are essential to cellular respiration, particularly in the heart and skeletal muscle tissues. Of all the vitamin E forms in the plant kingdom alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active, an important factor in animal nutrition. NEKTON-E containing the vital vitamin E as alpha tocopherol acetate Protects against defects in bone structure. Helps produce better laying results. Guards against degeneration of heart and skeletal muscles. Protects against kidney and liver trouble. Best aid to preparing your pet for pressures of breeding season.Use with NEKTON-S on birdsIngredientsVitamins: 50 000 mg vitamin E (per 1 000g).Amino Acids: L-arginine / L-lysine.Dosage: If you are using the little spoons that
come with the product (inside of the bottle) then you’ll need 4 spoons of Nekton E to 1 liter water.If you don’t have the spoons then ¼ teaspoon is the same to our Nekton spoons….UsageNEKTON-E should be given as directed to animals regularly at least three weeks before the breeding period begins. There is no danger of an overdose with toxic side-effects.When the hen has started laying, discontinue theuse of
NEKTON-E. The  continued use of E during this period would cause disruption of the hatching process because of an aroused mating instinct in the male.

NEKTON-E is composed of a special form of vitamin E.

It should only be given together with other vitamins. Use it together with the multi-vitamin supplement NEKTON-S for the ideal combination when breeding birds.A Vitamin E Supplement to Keep Birds Healthy and Aid Fertility Vitamin E occurs in multiple forms in most plants, particularly in leafy grasses (dried grass meal) and in the oils extracted from plant seeds (germinating grain). Of all the heat, light,
storage and processing, as already mentioned, but a body weakened by stress, infectious diseases, medical treatment, intestinal troubles and parasites is unable to fully extract the vitamin E in the diet, meaning the dietary intake of this vitamin must be increased to ensure a proper supply. Because of vitamin E‘s decisive influence on animal health and reproduction, NEKTON-E has been used regularly by numerous viculturists for years and with great success.Summary NEKTON-E is a pet food
supplement consisting of the biologically effective and stable vitamin E form alpha- tocopherol. NEKTON-E makes up for the deficiency of vitamin E in bird food and covers an animal’s needs in this vital nutriment. NEKTON-E protects the cell membranes, disinfects the cellular waste, promotes the synthesis of hormones and has a positive influence on the muscular system. NEKTON-E encourages fertility in birds, improves the survival rate of embryos and strengthens the viability of young animals.
NEKTON-E has a positive effect on the entire cellular metabolism and the production of antibodies, meaning improved immunity and resistance to disease Use with NEKTON-S on birds.

Nekton-E Encourages breeding. Builds your pet up. Stabilizes vitamins.

Guaranteed Analysis per 1,000 g:

Moisture <5%

Vitamin E 50,000 mg

Statement of Ingredients:
Dextrose , DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate, L-arginine, apple flavoring, L-lysine

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