Rainforest Mist Bath Spray African Greys and Amazons 8oz. $11.95
Small Bird Safety Leash For Conures and Cockatiels
Small Bird Safety Leash For Conures and Cockatiels $34.99

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Medium Bird Safety Leash

Perfect for Amazons, Small Cockatoos, etc.

Approx. 8 Feet Long Stretched Out
Approx. 1/8″ Thick
1 Belt Buckle Clip
2 Swivel Clips
1 Swivel Clip to hold tether
2 Tether Clips (one for each of your birds legs)
100 pound test 8 foot line
All Clips Chrome Plated Non-Toxic

For your birds safety, only use under supervision

Hours of fun with your bird outside!

Patent Pending

Safety Suggestions:
Safety Leash should be used only with strict supervision when putting your pet on a perch with leash on. Always be aware of what they are doing and make sure the leash is always in your hand. Make sure clips are closed on each leg when walking with your pet outside.
Always make sure your hands are on the leash.


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