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LB042 Jellyfish Small $7.76
M101 Floor Trough with Dividers $5.00

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Spring Lock
2 1/4″L x 1 1/4 “W
Center Hole to Center Hole 1 3/8″
Hole Diam. .25″
Two mounting holes

Fits: SLP 4030 ,SLP 3426, SLT 3628, SLT 4032, SLFDD 3628, SLT 6432

Patented Door Lock – 16 years on the market and no bird has ever opened it
These locks will help stop your bird from eating your couch. This is the only lock on the market that truly the birds can not open.

Patented Lock makes it impossible for your bird to play escape artist.
Chrome plated steel

*Nuts and Bolts to mount not supplied*
Absolutely no returns if lock does not fit


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