CTube C013 Water/Food Tube 16 oz $4.00
S.S. Replacement Cups for European Style Cages $7.50$10.00

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In stock

Less-Mess Seed Dispenser

NEW! Acrylic no slip perch

5″Wide x 4″Deep x 4 7/8″High

Hard durable plastic
Must be washed by hand with non abrasive cleaner
includes 2 metal hooks to hang the unit, inside or outside the cage
1 acrylic perch

Comes with acrylic perch
Acrylic perch is laser cut for the comfort of your bird

Birds chew up wooden perches, that’s why we are using acrylic

Helps keep the mess off the floor of the cage or on the outside of the cage

Great for ALL SMALL birds such as parakeets, finches, canaries, parrotlets, doves, etc.

*Wholesale CALL if you want a case (24 per case)

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