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Exclusive LED lighting for King’s Cages!
– High-quality LED Lights with an abundance of wavelengths to keep your birds happy
and healthy.
– Designed for destructive chewers.
– Easy to install on any point of your cage.
– Coming in 3 sizes. 10″ – 18″ – 24″
– Color simulates a natural environment and enhance the color of your bird.
Designed for birds.
These lights provide safe, healthy light at any distance.
Crafted from years of experimentation with the latest LED technology,
the Chewguard Pet Light contains an abundance of the best wavelengths
for birds.
These lights are safe from any distance, easy to mount, affordable to operate,
and last a long time without any bulbs to change.
No other light on the market is as well-protected from destructive chewers.
Designed for hookbills, the LEDs are guarded by a chew-proof stainless steel grate
and the power cord is covered by a flexible stainless steel conduit.
The mounting brackets are steel and sturdy enough to resist the most powerful beaks.
Contained in an attractive aluminum housing, these sleek lights contain a proprietary
blend of diodes that look great on display in any room.
This light can be mounted on any point on your cage.
The lighting mounts directly to your cage, thus lighting only the cage, and won’t shine
in your eyes or reflect off your TV.
This LED lighting kit comes with everything you need to safely install and power up your lights.
Supply Voltage — 12 VDC
Supply Current — 60mA
Power Usage — 7 WATTS
Brightness — 450 LUMENS
Color CRI — 94
Dimmable — YES


10", 18", 24"

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