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Flea Trap

When plugged in, fleas are attracted to the light and heat. Then fall into the trap, out of sight.

Control even the worst flea infestations in homes. Our Flea Trap is a safe and simple permanent appliance that uses heat and light to draw fleas from up to 25 feet away. Fleas attracted to the trap fall through the grid and meet a sticky demise on the replaceable capture pad. Trap catches 4 to 6 times more fleas than older style traps. Adult fleas are killed by the thousands on the replaceable capture pad. Works year round without poisons, expensive pills or visits to the vet. Capture pads last for 3 months or until filled with up to 10,000 fleas. Made in USA from unbreakable plastic. CSA listed, meets and exceeds UL rating. Patented.


1 Unit Per Pack

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