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Featherbrite Bulbs

Every day is a “Sunny” day and every night is a “Moonlit night” with Full Spectrum lighting!!

FeatherBrite lights are designed with your pet bird’s health and safety in mind.
FeatherBrite 20w compact spiral fluorescent bulb, 5500k, 91cri, UVA 4%, UVB .05%. Guaranteed 8000 hours/one year. Standard socket base. Our bulb provides health enhancing full spectrum light required for birds with the heat of incandescent bulbs. Full spectrum light has been shown to be beneficial by mimicking a bird’s natural environment. Major health benefits full spectrum light will provide are: strengthens the immune system, relieves psychological distress and aids in Vitamin D synthesis. This bulb is recommended for swag lights and larger cages. Your pet bird will love this!


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