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Feather Shine Bird Shampoo

ONE BOTTLE: 17 OUNCES & 1 Gallon

Made In The USA

Feather Shine Bird Shampoo cleans dirt & debris from your bird’s feathers. Feather Shine contains Aloe Vera Gel which helps aid in aid of allergy itch relief. Helps feather plucking due to dry, flaky, itchy or irritated skin. Also used to rid birds of mites and lice that might have gone undetected by a veterinarian. This product is great for dogs, cats, birds or any animal that has feathers or fur.

These bird shampoo products are recommend by some of the most knowledgeable veterinarians in the US as well as famous TV celebrity Marc Morrone (Parrots of the World) who is known for his appearances on the Martha Stewart Show.

Feather Shine Shampoo kills lice and is a bird safe shampoo that your feathered friend will love!

*Liquid products of any kind are nonrefundable*

Bottle Size

17oz, 1 Gallon

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