ES 1818 V (Single Cage)
ES 1818 V (Single Cage) $99.95
Abba 3800 Goldfinch and Siskin bird food
Abba 3800 Goldfinch and Siskin $29.95$151.95


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Plastic Base
For Cockatiels, Small Conures, Small Amazons
Slide Out White Plastic Tray
Removable Grill
25 lbs

25″ Wide x 21″ Deep
Total Height of Cage: 29″
Two Inside 1″ Dowel Perches
One Extra Dowel for Playpen Top
4mm Thick Bars, 3/4″ Bar Spacing
Nest Box Door Opening on Side
Two 8oz Plastic White Food and Water Dishes
2 wooden dowel perches 1″ Diam.
2 Plastic cups (ID: Cup_C6A)
Large Front Door Opening
Top of Cage Opens Into Playpen
Two Metal Handles for Easy Carrying
Recommended for Peach Faced Love Birds Up To Large Amazons

*This cage can not be hung


Black, Brass, White

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