Dragonwood Enrichment Single Bolt-On Perch Medium $14.95
ES 1108 Barn Cages
ES 1108 Barn (Single Cage) $21.95

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Great Cage for Cockatiels, Conures, & Amazons!
32 inches wide, 22 inched Deep
5 ft 8 inches High, 36 inches inside height
3/4 inch bar spacing, 4 mm bars thickness

Door opening size: 16″ High x 12″ Wide

Bird cage stand included
Slide out metal grill & tray
Vertical bars
4 plastic cups
Plexi glass seed guards
1 perch
2 nest door openings
4 easy rolling casters
Pyramid top is removable
All of our cages are Non-Toxic and Safe for your feathered friends
Bird cage knocks down for compact storage
Weight 80 lbs


Black Silver, Blue, Green

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