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Cockatoo Renew Shampoo

Made In The USA

SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR COCKATOOS WHITE FEATHERS without the use of Bleach, peroxide, or alcohol. Natural Aloe with a beautiful Coconut fragrance. Cleans, Deodorizes & Shines Feathers! Contains Aloe Vera Be sure to bathe your feathered friend with Cockatoo Renew Shampoo.

Naturally enhance your Cockatoo’s feathers. Natural Aloe added to soothe dry skin on your pet. This specially formulated shampoo is made from the finest ingredients found in nature that helps clean your bird’s feathers without stripping the natural oils from the skin.

Domestic environments are often low in humidity. Did you know that birds pluck their feathers, even mutilate themselves, due to dry, flaky, itchy and irritated skin?  Help prevent this with our wonderful new Cockatoo Renew Shampoo along with PLUCK NO MORE!!

Available in 17 OUNCES and 1 GALLON




17oz., 1 Gallon

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