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In stock

Car Wipes instantly removes bird droppings, bee pollen, bugs and tree sap off all vehicle surfaces. Keep one in the trunk and don’t allow damage to clear coat or paint from bird droppings. Seventy wipes per container. 6.0 X 7.9 inch wipe size. Contains no solvents or orange oil. Safe on Vehicle paint, metal, rubber, leather, fabric, plastic & glass.

70 Wipes Per Tube

Use car wipes to clean up fresh or dried bird droppings and other messes.Safe to use on all parts of vehicles and motorcycles. Contains the best selling bird dropping remover in the world. It is safe to use and requires no gloves. a great per-treatment before washing your car.

Wipe messes as you lightly squeeze wipe and wait a few minutes for the liquid to penetrate and soften messes caused by birds, bees, bugs, tree sap and sticky leaves before wiping off residue.

If removed quickly, bird and bug messes do not need to cause clear coat or paint damage. Rinsing optional:waxing spots recommended. If wipes dry out in container, remove lid and moisten with distilled water only. Please do not little used wipes or container.

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