C012 Water Tube $2.50
Large Cardboard Carrier For All Small Pets $0.56

In stock



In stock

Breeding Cages    Prices Below Include Delivery

1 Cage Weighs Total 50 Pounds

All Together – 6 Feet 2.5″ High x 39.5″Wide x 19.75″Deep (3 stack-able sections and stand)
$540.00 Delivered

Each Cage Alone – 20.25″High x 39.5″Wide x 19.75″Deep
$195.00 Each    50 lbs each unit

Stand Alone – 14.5″High x 39.5″Wide x 19.75″Deep
$60.00  11 lbs

Front Panel – 19″ Wide x 16″ High (2 doors per unit)

Four  6oz Cups Per Unit
Four  Wooden Perches Per Unit
Two   Nest Doors Per Unit
One Solid and One Wire Middle Divider Per Unit

Comes in White Gloss Powder Coat Only

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