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In stock

PA 1500 is your indoor pollution solution for homes or businesses up to 1,500 ft2.

Using four advanced technologies, including active radiant catalysis (ARC), activated oxygen, ionization,

and plasma generation, pureAir 1500 eliminates odors, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, pet dander, viruses,

volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more in the air and on surfaces.

PA 1500 continuously cleans and disinfects all exposed surfaces, including walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture,

clothing, and countertops. Our products help to sanitize everything in your living space. A small, sleek design makes

it an elegant addition to any space, and a convenient remote control allows for simple purification level adjustment.

Technology does not use chemicals or ozone and is safe for use in occupied indoor spaces.

The unit has the ability to use Ozone when necessary in unoccupied rooms.

Main Features
• Ultra-Quiet Fan Motor w/ Three Fan Speeds
• Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology
• Needlepoint Ion Generation
• Washable Rear Filters
• Adjustable Purifier Control – 4 Settings (Off to High)
• Away Mode (Goes off After 2 Hours)
• Full Function Remote Control
• Low Energy Consumption
• Universal AC/DC Power Supply
• Replaceable PCO Cell and Purification Plate
• Eliminates Smoke & Odors – Doesn’t Cover Them Up
• Significantly Reduces Mold, Bacteria, & Viruses
~ 1 Year Limited Warranty
~ Ozone Output: 250mg/hr (in Away Mode)
~ Technologies
– Needlepoint Ionization
– Scalable Ozone Generation
– PCO Technology (UV-C, Titanium Dioxide)
~ Electrical: 100V-240V/50-60Hz 30W (Operational Anywhere in the World)
~ Ozone Density: <0.04mg/m³ (High Mode), 1.5mg/m³ (Away Mode) (Optional Feature)
~ Ion Generation: 1 million/cm³ at 1m
~ Coverage: Up to 1500ft²
Electrical Certifications
~ UL (US & Canada), CE, PSE, TUV, EK (Korean) RoHS Compliant
~ Product Box
– Color Printed Carton
– Dimensions: 6.75” x 6.5” x 7”
172mm x 165mm x 178mm
– Weight: 3.0 lbs, 1.36 kg

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