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PP 102 Plastic Playpen
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Nail & Beak Cleaner and Shiner – Great For bird Grooming
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Ingredients: 475,000mg of Vitamin E per 1,000g.
1.5 oz bottle (42.5 g)

ABBA’s Fertility-E has been specifically formulated to increase better breeding results for the serious bird breeder. Fertility-E is the only product on the market which contains the highest concentration of pure Vitamin E. No other product or manufacturer can match its concentration. Fertility-E will dramatically increase male and female fertility, as well as increase clutch size, and increase the hatch rate of fertile eggs. Fertility-E can be administered in water or soft food. When added to cold water, it will become completely dissolved and give a milky appearance. Reccommended dosage for Fertility-E is half a teaspoon to one gallon of water, and shake well. For single bird use, punch a tiny whole through the protective seal and lightly sprinkle a very small amount inot the drinking water. Administed weekly to breeders, for at least three weeks prior to breeding season. Administed Fertility-E once a month when not breeding to insure good health of both male and female reproducyive organs.

Keep in a cool, dry, dark place. Keep out of children’s reach. Not for human consumption.

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