ES 1818 V (Single Cage)
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Abba 3800 Goldfinch and Siskin bird food
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5 LBS, 30 LBS or 47 LBS BAG

 Feeding Instructions:
For Amazons, African Greys & Electus: supply 4 heaping tablespoons of Abba 3500 per bird per day. Macaws and Large Cockatoos should have 5 heaping tablespoons in a deep dish. Make sure birds consume all of the seeds before supplying additional 3500.
Abba 3500 is a wholesome diet: NO FILLERS, NO BY PRODUCTS and NO COLOR. Abba 3500 is always fresh.

Made in the U.S.A. with pride.


Sunflower, safflower, corn, oats, peanuts, brazil nuts, cashews, filberts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, milo, pumpkin seed, peppers, bananas, apples, papaya, pineapple, figs, raisins, dates, cranberry, oranges, pears, apricots, veggie chips made from carrots, yucca, potato, zucchini, squash, taro, green beans, corn and wheat germ oil, dextrose, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and vitamin E supplement, riboflavin niacin, calcium pantohenate, choline bitartrate, folic acid, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, pyriodoxine hydrochloride, d-biotin, ascorbic acid manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, ethylene diamine dihydriodide, cobalt sulfate, magnesium sulfate, potassium iodide, calcium carbonate, calcium propionate to preserve freshness.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein Not Less Than 13.0%
Crude Fat Not Less Than 10.0%
Crude Fiber Not More Than 18.0%
Moisture Maximum 8.0%
Ash Maximum 6.0%

Food Size

47 lbs, 30 lbs, 5 lbs, 50 lbs

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