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European Style Matte Stainless Steel Model 3224 

Best Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel on the Market!
Buyer Beware! There are competitors that claim they have true medical grade 304 stainless steel, but usually they are not! There are different grades of stainless steel; our cages will not rust on you, like our competitors’ cages.

Our cages are made out of Swedish and German Stainless Steel. Best quality in the world. Our cages have been owned by people for over 16 years and not one complaint about rust. If you buy from another cage company we guarantee the cages are made in China and are guaranteed to rust. You get what you pay for.

Inside Height 35″
Grill to Bottom Tray – 6 3/4″
3/4″ bar spacing, 5mm bars thickness

Medical Grade 304 German stainless steel
No rust, No paint to chip
Top opens into playpen
Fold down front platform
Slide-out metal grill & catch tray for easy cleaning
Seed catcher (add 4″ around bird cage)
Horizontal bars on sides, Vertical bars on front and back
3 bird proof swing out feeder doors
3 stainless steel spill proof cups
Large front cage door for easy access
Bird proof safety door lock
Breeder box door
2 Sand Perches (Color may vary) – 12″ Long x 1.25″ Diam.
4 Ball bearing casters
Sturdy metal shelf on bottom
Bird cage knocks down for compact storage
Solid bars that are welded to the main frame
Bird cage weight 119 lbs


Download the below directions PDF: 3224 INSTRUCTIONS
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