King’s cages is the industry leader in choice for any type of powder coated bird cage. All powder coated cage products are crafted from the best materials to provide the most long lasting and safest wrought iron bird cage for your bird. We have a large selection for you to choose find a powder coated cage that’s right for you! Going with a wrought iron flight cage you’ll know you have a safe and comfortable vet-recommended cage for many years to come, so get the best home for your feathered friend!

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136 European Style


306 European Style Napoleon Top


406 – 1″ Bar Space European Napoleon


506 European Style Extra Large Cage


508 European Style Powder Coated


8002422 Play Pen Bird Cage


8003223 Play Pen Bird Cage


8003628 Play Pen Bird Cage


8004030 Play Pen Bird Cage


9002422 Dome Top Bird Cage


9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage


9003628 Dome Top Bird Cage


9004030 Dome Top Bird Cage


GC14022 Corner Bird Cage


SLCC3216 Economy Line Corner


SLF 2818 Superior Line Flight Cage

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