Family owned and operated for over 40 years, King’s Cages provides the safest, most durable bird flight cage choices in the industry. Every outdoor aviary is manufactured with exceptional marksmanship. Whether you’re looking for a parakeet flight cage or any other type parrot, have the peace of mind that your bird will be safe and comfortable with any bird flight cage that we offer.  Get your feathered baby only the best parakeet flight cage , they deserve it!

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SLF 2818 Superior Line Flight Cage


SLF 3221 Superior Line Flight Cage


SLF 6421 Small Bird Sugar Glider Flight Cage


SLFDD 3221 Stackable Flight Cage


SLFDD 3628 Stackable Cage for LG Birds


SLFDD 4020 Stand


SLFXL 3221 Superior Line Extra Large Flight Cage

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